Packy Moran

Director of Graduate Studies

A dedicated teacher and mentor, Patrick “Packy” Moran seeks to help students discover the role they want sport to play in their daily lives. For some that means seeking employment in the production of spectator-driven events–the focus of the Sales in Sports course that Packy designed with Dr. Clint Huntrods–for others it means becoming a well-informed season ticket holder or sport parent.

Packy stays tied into the sport industry through conferences and sales workshops–where he is part of the University of Iowa team that arranges student consulting experiences with local, regional and national entities including members of the NHL, MLB, and PGA Tour.

Packy wrote the external relations chapter in Kendall Hunt’s “Event Management Blueprint” edited by Dr. Heather Lawrence and Michelle Wells. He is on several industry research teams featured at the National Sports Forum and focusing on best practices in sponsorship.

Packy joined the University of Iowa in August 2014 after five successful years on faculty at Ohio University–the birthplace of sport management education.


Packy Moran is a Lecturer and Director of Graduate Studies in Sport and Recreation Management.
MSA, Ohio University

University of Iowa
340 Field House (FH)
225 S. Grand Ave.
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