Add a Certificate in Event Management

What do Hawkeye football games, Dance Marathon, and commencement have in common? They are all events and require event managers to ensure their success.

Students who enjoy activities such as planning gatherings of people, coordinating competitions, and collaborating with multiple entities are encouraged to learn more about the certificate in event management. Much of what sport and recreation management professionals do revolves around competitions and gatherings of people for physical activity. A knowledge of event management supports industry professionals in their areas of expertise.

Requirements and program planning

The certificate may be earned by any student admitted to the University of Iowa who is not concurrently enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program.

Students who elect to earn the certificate in event management must adhere to the following for successful completion:

  • Minimum of 21 semester hours of certificate approved certificate coursework
  • Completion of core coursework prior to enrollment in and successful completion of internship
    • Foundations of event management and sport event management or event management Workshop
  • At least 6 semester hours in EVNT prefix coursework
  • Completion of 12 semester hours of approved elective coursework
  • GPA of at least 2.00 in coursework for the certificate

Sport and recreation management courses that count toward certificate for event management electives include:

  • The Experience Economy (SRM: 2065)
  • Sport Event Management (SRM:314), if not used to satisfy core requirement
  • Sport and Recreation Promotion (SRM:3158)
  • Sales in Sport (SRM:3175)
  • Communications and Public Relations in Sport (SRM:3178)
  • Event Bidding: Processes and Strategies (SRM:3210)
  • SRM Field Experience (SRM:4197), if not used to satisfy internship requirement 


Please visit the General Catalog or the School of Journalism and Mass Communication for more information or email Alex Voss.