Earn your Minor in Sport and Recreation Management

Students in sport and recreation management can find a variety of career opportunities including community recreation, intercollegiate athletic departments, high school programs, the commercial fitness business sector as well as minor and major league sport teams.

Requirements and program planning

The minor requires a minimum of 15 semester hours in coursework with at least 12 semester hours from courses numbered SRM:3000 and above. Students must maintain a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average (GPA) in the minor. Coursework in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass. 

Explore the following applicable courses:

Requirements and program planning

  • Health for Happiness (SRM:1045)
  • Contemporary Issues in Sport (SRM:1060)
  • US Recreation and Parks: Foundations and Impact (SRM:1070)
  • Introduction to Travel and Tourism (SRM:1085)
  • The Experience Economy (SRM:2065)
  • Program Design for Recreational Services (SRM:3144)
  • Sports Officiating Rules/Theories/Issues (SRM:3146)
  • Sport Event Management (SRM:3147)
  • Activities and Athletics Administration (SRM:3148)
  • Coaching Theory, Body Structure, and Human Development (SRM:3149)*
  • Recreation Administration (SRM:3150)
  • Liability in Recreation and Sport (SRM:3151)
  • Design and Management of Sport and Recreation Facilities (SRM:3152)
  • Sport Business Practices (SRM:3153)
  • Foundations of Event Management (SRM:3154)
  • Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries for Coaches (SRM:3155)*
  • Managerial Operations in Sport and Recreation (SRM:3157)
  • Sport and Recreation Promotion (SRM:3158)
  • Finance in Sport and Recreation (SRM:3172)
  • Sales in Sport (SRM:3175)
  • Sport Analytics for Coaches, Managers, and Other Decision Makers (SRM:3176)
  • Communications and Public Relations in Sport (SRM: 3178)
  • Podcasting for Sport and Recreation Professions (SRM:3179)
  • Topics in Sport and Recreation Management (SRM:3200)
  • Event Bidding: Processes and Strategies (SRM:3210)
  • Writing for Sport and Recreation Managers (SRM:3300)
  • Ethics in Sport (SRM:3700)
  • Sport Law for Interscholastic Athletic Directors (SRM:3800)
  • Advanced Sport Marketing (SRM:4158)
  • Interscholastic Athletic Administration Field Experience (SRM:4196)
    • Can be repeated
  • Sport and Recreation Field Experience - guided (SRM:4197)
    • Can be repeated
  • NCAA Rules Compliance and Enforcement (SRM:4198)
  • Sport and Recreation Field Experience - independent (SRM:4199)
    • Can be repeated

*Completion of both courses allows students to apply for State of Iowa coaching authorization.

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