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Extraordinary educational opportunities at the heart of a Big Ten university

The University of Iowa sport and recreation management program—ranked among the top in the nation—offers one of the university's most popular undergraduate majors (BS) and a robust graduate program (MA).

We're a unit of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and part of the Health and Human Physiology department. Accordingly, we teach our students to be civic leaders as well as professional ones. Our goal is to graduate critical thinkers, innovative problem-solvers, and expert communicators with a broad-based understanding of—and deep respect for—the complexity and diversity of our global society. We hope our alumni pursue a lifelong love of learning as they develop their fulfilling and successful careers.

Our faculty bring a wealth of real-world knowledge and professional experience to the program. They also bring a rich network of professional contacts, which has allowed us to offer unparalleled experiential-learning opportunities. Our students engage in career-building internships and field experiences (both guided and individualized) around campus, the Midwest, and the nation.

We're a growing and increasingly highly regarded program in a booming professional field. Our location at the heart of a legacy Big Ten university campus (Go, Hawks!) makes us a destination program for students from throughout our state and nationally. And we offer top-notch online versions of our programs, as well.

We invite you to learn more about Sports and Recreation Management at the University of Iowa—schedule a visit or request information today!

Why Iowa?

Outstanding faculty. Big Ten tradition. World-class education. Iowa.

If you want to master the business of sports and recreation, our faculty have the real-world experience, teaching skills, and industry contacts to help you build the career of your dreams.

And where better to study the world of sports than Iowa City, the home of the Iowa Hawkeyes? Iowa's intercollegiate athletics program features 20 teams—ensuring almost daily high-level sports action—and the university and surrounding community offer countless ways to get involved in recreation programs. We offer online versions of our programs, too.

Your Iowa degree will tell employers that you're highly educated and ready to have a positive impact in your profession and your community. And we partner with numerous organizations on campus, around the Midwest, and across the nation to offer one-of-a-kind field experiences and internships that will enhance your resume and give you a leg up on your peers in the job market.

For a career in sport and recreation management, it's a no-brainer: Iowa is your ticket to success. Apply today!

The Iowa experience

Our faculty are professional leaders in their fields and academic leaders in their discipline.


Only program in Iowa at major state university

97 %

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