B.S. in Sport and Recreation Management, Sport and Diversity Concentration
Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Isabel Martinez

Favorite Course(s): One of my favorite UISRM classes was Sport Business Practices with Jeremy Parrish as this class gave me a great insight into how sports organizations work in a business aspect. As part of the class, we participated in a role play of General Manager/Agent and this was a fun experience and educational understanding of what an actual conversation like this would be like as well as the logistics and negotiation involved.

Field Experience: There were two guided field experience courses that contributed to my success in the SRM program and now in the sports industry. The Fans First guided field experience allowed me to experience what it is like to help fans have an unforgettable experience at sporting events. The San Diego Sports Consulting Practicum gave me the opportunity to understand corporate partnerships as well as ticket and revenue generation from the standpoints of major league teams. From what I have learned in these guided field experiences has reflected in my job everyday as a Sales Associate with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Supplemental Experiential Learning: Non-credential experiential learning that I was a part of while at Iowa were the UISRM hosted field trips that we took to the Big Ten Headquarters in October of 2021, Kansas City in April of 2022, and Indianapolis in April of 2023. All three of these field trips educated me on the different careers in sports there are as well as being able to network with sports professionals. Another non-credit experiential learning was the UISRM Symposium hosted each fall where different sports professionals come and speak to us about their journeys and advice as we head into the industry.

Career Journey:

    • Prior to graduation, I networked heavily with sports professionals with careers I was interested in, to learn more about their journey and current organization. Specifically with the Milwaukee Bucks I spoke to multiple individuals in the organization and in March of 2023 they invited me to shadow for a day and after visiting and interviewing I was offered a position as a Sales Associate. I am now an entry-level Sales Associate selling ticket packages, premium spaces, and group tickets for all events that come through Fiserv Forum.